Swim Lessons

Beginning in 2022, the pre-requisite and exit skills for our levels have changed to smooth out the skills curve as kiddos progress through our lessons. Because of this, your child may be more appropriately placed in a different level moving forward! The first few months, our instructors will work with parents and guardians of our swimmers to ensure correct placement in our new swim progressions. In order to help make this transition go smoothly, please look at the level descriptions on the left to find a swimming lesson that most appropriately suits your child's needs.

Navigate the pages on the left-hand side to find a swimming lesson that fits your child's needs. They are ordered by age and skill ranges from youngest/beginner on top, to oldest/advanced on the bottom.
There is a maximum of 6 participants in each class, excluding the class “Waterbabies” which has a maximum of 10 children and their trusted adult. To register, contact the recreation center (303) 655-2200, or see available lessons online.

Please refer to age ranges when enrolling students. To ensure class safety, students enrolled incorrectly may be removed from lessons if we do not have room for them to move to the correct class.

For more information on swim lessons and placement, contact the Assistant Aquatics Coordinator at (303) 655-2213.