LEGO Camps

Motorized Airplanes LEGO Workshops

In this workshop students will learn how an airplane is powered with a

jet engine or a propeller and how thrust and lift are critical to air flight.

Then student will get to design and build their own motorized LEGO

airplanes testing them for balance and stability much like the Wright

Brothers did in 1903!

Min/Max: 8/25                                                                    Cost: $42

6-11MonMarch 259 a.m. - noon

LEGO Rail Racer Workshop

In this workshop students will learn how rail racers worked! We

will explore belt drives and acceleration in a predictable testing

environment. We will then race for time or go head to head with


Min/Max: 8/25                                                               Cost: $42

Age DayDateTime
6-11 TueMarch 269 a.m. - noon

GIRL Powered LEGO Engineering Workshop (GIRL’S ONLY)

This workshop is for girls who love to build! This class will provide a

supportive environment for girls to build engineer-designed projects

such as moving animals and arch bridges. Design and build as never

before and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment.

Min/Max: 8/25                                                                        Cost: $42

6-11 WedMarch 279 a.m. - noon

LEGO Carnival with Ferris Wheels Workshop

In this workshop students will first lay out a design for the carnival

complete with rides, paths, games, and food stations. Next kids will

learn how ferris wheels work with a revolving wheel and suspended

passenger cars. Kids will get to build their own ferris wheel and

power it up to provide your mini-fig a breathtaking view of the entire


Min/Max: 8/25                                                                       Cost: $42

6-11 ThuMarch 289 a.m. - noon

Battle at the Castle with LEGO Workshop

In this Lego workshop kids will first build a large scale group Castle

learning about the different castle parts such as the keep, archer

towers, moat, battlements, and drawbridge! Then we will have to

defend the castle as we learn the engineering behind linkage in our


Min/Max: 8/25                                                                     Cost: $42

Age DayDateTime
6-11FriMarch 299 a.m. - noon

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for questions about these classes 

please contact Brie at 720-515-7309 or