Irrigation Efficiency

We all need water to survive- including our plants in the landscape. While we need to give our plants a drink in the summer when temperatures are warmer, we often set our irrigation controllers and forget it- which can lead to increased water consumption and water waste. A little bit of irrigation efficiency goes a long way! 

Irrigation Check-Up

In order for your irrigation system to deliver water efficiently to the landscape, you need to operate a properly functioning irrigation system. But how to you know if your system is working properly? Conducting an irrigation check-up at the beginning of irrigation season, and periodically throughout, will help you assess any problem areas within your irrigation system. A check up consists of visually inspecting each irrigation zone while they are running, and recording any problem areas you may find (leaks, broken sprinkler heads, pressure problems, etc.). To help you conduct an irrigation check-up, we created a quick how-to guide: Irrigation Check-Up: How To Guide.

sprinkler spruce up infographic- EPA WaterSense

Irrigation Scheduling

Irrigation controllers and scheduling can be overwhelming- how much water does my lawn need to be healthy? how long should I water? how much water do my sprinkler heads deliver in an hour? Yikes! We get it. To encourage efficient irrigation practices, the City of Brighton has put together a "Suggested Watering Schedule" for Brighton residents to use on their Kentucky bluegrass lawns based on sprinkler type. These watering times are based on seasonal averages that promote healthy grass lawns, but can vary based on local weather and site conditions. 

Trees, perennials, and shrubs have different water requirements than grass, therefore will need to be irrigated differently. If you aren't sure how much water your shrubs, trees or perennials need, check out the Colorado State University Extension website or contact the Adams County Extension office, 303-637-8100 or 

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