Private Swim Lessons

Our waitlist is open for Winter requests! Submit your request here:

Private Lesson Request Wait List

Please be aware of our private and semi-private swim lesson policies:

  • Please respect your swim instructor's time! We recognize that your time is valuable, and expect you to treat our instructors the same.
    • If you need to cancel a lesson, you must notify your instructor directly of the cancellation at least 24 hours in advance of your lesson. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your lesson.
    • If you are running late, your instructor may not be able to extend your lesson past the scheduled time depending on their personal schedule or schedule of other programming. They may be able to make up the missed time on another date if they can't extend your lesson if you were late due to extenuating circumstances (or due to a train on the tracks). We will not make other scheduled lessons run late to accommodate late arrivals, and you may lose your time.
  • You must check in at the front desk at the beginning of every lesson before class can begin.
  • Semi-private lessons can only be taught if all attendees are present and checked in.
  • If you have incompatibilities with an instructor, please contact the Assistant Aquatics Coordinator at 303-655-2213. We will try to pair you with an instructor who better suits your needs.
  • We do not recommend our private swim lesson program for children under the age of three. It is not developmentally appropriate to expect a full attention span for 30 full minutes in cold water. We recommend enrolling your littlest ones in Water Babies - group lessons.

Private Lesson Packages

Lessons are available for those who want more individual attention.  We have a "pool" of enthusiastic instructors looking forward to helping you and your child achieve your goals!  Please allow at least one week for the initial contact.

4 pk - $120 PLPP4Times available upon instructor and student compatibility 
8 pk - $240 PLPP8Times available upon instructor and student compatibility

Semi-Private Lesson Packages

Semi-private lessons are for 2-4 children with an instructor.  The fee is per child, and participants must provide the additional student(s) to make it a semi-private lesson. We will not pair you with other swimmers.  Each lesson is 30 minutes long. Lessons are set up in order received based on schedule availability of the lesson requester and the swim instructors.

4 pk - $72 SPLPP4Times available upon instructor and student compatibility
8 pk - $144 SPLPP8Times available upon instructor and student compatibility 

*Private and semi-private lesson packages can be purchased after contact with a swim instructor and a start date is established.

* If you have a question about private or semi-private lessons, please contact Jayna at (303) 655-2213