What is BOGAFit?


BOGAFit is an innovative fitness program that builds strength, deepens flexibility, and improves balance and coordination. This exercise enhances the benefits of traditional fitness movement while eliminating the harsh impacts of these exercises, creating high-intensity workouts on the water with low impact on your body. This class has two formats. One is high-intensity with beginner to advanced moved. The other BOGA class is Yoga with slower more balancing moves.

What do I need to wear?

Normal activewear or swimsuits are appropriate for this class. You will get into the water to get onto the boards. Bring a towel and water bottle.

How long is the class?

Classes are 45 minutes. 

How do I sign-up?

You can sign up for these classes on GroupEx Pro, and we only have nine boards available. BOGA passes will be attainable at the front desk one hour prior to class. 

What is the cost?

All classes are included in the daily admission fee or pass.  No additional charges for the BOGAFit classes