Splash Pads

Our splash pads are available from May 29 - September 26, and are open from 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. daily.

  • Our splash pads use chemically treated and recirculated water, just like a pool. Please do not let pets take a dip, and do not drink from the fountains.
  • Please do not block the drains at the end of the river, or build dams across the river that don't let water reach the drains. If enough water is diverted away from the splash pad, it will turn off automatically until a staff person is able to come make repairs.
  • If a splash pad is not spraying during our normal operating hours:
    • First, look for an in-ground activator sensor in the cement. Step on it (it is a sensor, not a button - you don't need it to click).
    • If that doesn't work, please call the Rec Center front desk at (303) 655-2200 to report it. We will send a staff person over to service the splash pad as soon as possible.

Splash pad