Senior Fitness

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We offer passes your insurance might provide!  

Check with your insurance, they may offer:

  • Silver Sneakers - Your insurance will provide you with a 16 digit number.
  • Renew Active - Your insurance will provide you with a number that has an A in front of it.
  • Silver and Fit - This pass will only work at one gym. If you are signed up at another facility, you will not be able to use it at our recreation center.

Silver Sneakers

  • SilverSneakers® Yoga:This class challenges you with a variety of simple and safe yoga exercises you do at your own pace. Using a chair for support, increase flexibility, build endurance and learn how to relax and think more clearly. This yoga class utilizes a chair for support.
  • SS Move It: Designed for active adults who desire a safe and effective low-impact cardiovascular workout. This class will bring heart-healthy aerobics to your workout using low-impact movements. 
  • SS Power and Mobility: The use of various exercises and cardio movements will strengthen your body and improve mobility.


Silver Strong

Healthy bones, strength and range of motion are essential to a happy and healthy lifestyle. This class is spent in the weight room learning how to correctly use the equipment for a safe and effective workout. A personal trainer will safely guide you through a workout each time your group meets. This senior class will be full of fun and knowledge. Come join the best of the best and become even better! 

Sessions run the full month. Renew Active Members, Silver Sneakers & Silver Fit: FREE (Registration Required)

Cost: $24 OR $12 for Friday only sessions (includes a 50% senior discount) 

Please note Silver Strong for the month of September is discounted due to shutdown September 12-25. Closed Sept 5, 11-23, Nov 25 & Dec 25

Note: A medical evaluation and physician’s release is required. If you plan on attending multiple sessions please register for those sessions so that your spot is reserved  

silver strong shcedule web

Senior Fitness Appreciation Days

WednesdayFebruary 148 - 11 a.m.Brighton Rec-Center LobbyCoffee, fruit and Pastries
WednesdayJune 128 - 11 a.m.Brighton Rec-Center LobbyCoffee, Fruit and Pastries

For questions regarding fitness offerings, please contact: 

Elizabeth Barczak, Fitness Coordinator: 303-655-2066 or email 

Cate Majors, Fitness Supervisor at 303-655-2235 or email