Procurement & Contracts


The City of Brighton Procurement and Contracts Division is responsible for acquiring goods, services, equipment, and construction as needed for Citywide operations in compliance with Municipal Code Section 3-8 - Contracts and Purchases.  The Procurement and Contracts Division is also responsible for contract administration.

The Procurement and Contracts Division shall consider purchasing methods to obtain the best value for the City while minimizing the overall total cost of each acquisition.  Generally, the various City departments complete purchases up to $15,000 using a purchasing card (P-card).  Purchases in excess of $15,000 up to $50,000 require a minimum of three documented quotes and formal solicitation is required for any purchase of more than $50,000.

The City of Brighton encourages full and open competition and does not maintain a preferred vendor list; however, any company or firm wishing to do business with the City may submit a Supplier Information Form. The information collected through the form is offered to Department Directors and Program Managers as a database of qualified, potential Respondents. Should the total acquisition be below $50,000, the department in need may reach out directly for a quote or to make a purchase.  

The City of Brighton has adopted an E-Procurement method for all formal solicitations to include informal solicitations when necessary.   The Division of Procurement & Contracts has adopted a paperless philosophy in an effort to work more efficiently within the procurement process.  By moving to an electronic process, the City is able to automate laborious tasks, improve procurement workflows, generate and maintain statistics, and simplify the process for vendors while reducing our impact on the environment.

Bids and Proposals         

To facilitate E-Procurement, the City utilizes BidNet Direct to aid in the solicitation process and DocuSign to facilitate contract execution.  Under Municipal Code, purchases over $50,000 must be formally solicited through sealed bidding.  The City utilizes BidNet Direct to advertise and facilitate these acquisitions.   Any company or firm interested in competing in the formal solicitation process must register with BidNet Direct to participate. In order to view posted solicitations, vendors must register with BidNet Direct.  Once registered, vendors will have the ability to view and respond to all posted solicitations for the City of Brighton. 

Notice(s) of Final Payment