Wastewater Treatment Plant

The sanitary sewer system collects wastewater flows created each time a resident turns on a tap, runs a washing machine, or flushes a toilet. Wastewater discharges from schools, businesses and industries are also combined into this system. This complex system quietly does a job we simply can’t live without.

Used water and sewage is cleaned at the wastewater treatment plant so it can be returned safely to our environment.

The followings general processes take place at the plant:

  • Solids removal (everything from rags and plastics to sand and smaller particles found in wastewater)
  • Organic matter and pollutants removal (naturally occurring helpful bacteria and other microorganisms consume organic matter in wastewater)
  • Disinfection (to improve the quality of effluent released into our South Platte river)

The Wastewater Division has 8 employees, including 4 treatment plant operators and 2 mechanics. The plant personnel is responsible for the proper operation of the City of Brighton Wastewater Treatment Plant and compliance with all State and EPA regulations.

Wastewater plant operations include: lab testing, contact chamber monitoring, and secondary filtration systems. Grounds are well groomed and fit well into the community. From a visibility aspect, the system blends neatly into its surroundings and appropriately in the industrial area in which the wastewater treatment operations takes place.

It is important to understand that the City of Brighton sanitary sewer system does not collect stormwater. Stormwater, which includes runoff from the streets from rain or melting snow, goes through a separate system of sewers that is discharged directly into the South Platte.