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Posted on: September 4, 2019

Council awards contract for water treatment plant expansion and denitrification design services


Brighton City Council approved a resolution Tuesday awarding a contract to Brown and Caldwell for the water treatment plant expansion and denitrification design services. The design services are the first phase of the expansion project for the Greensand Water Treatment Plant, which will increase production capacity for treating drinking water. Additionally, the project will address the city’s Reverse Osmosis denitrification process in order to bring it into compliance with the state’s new discharge limits by September 2022. 

The Greensand Water Treatment Plant treats water pumped from the Beebe Draw alluvium and is designed to remove manganese and then blend the treated water with the Reverse Osmosis treated water. Brighton currently sends over one billion gallons of high-quality drinking water per year to its customers. With the new growth in the city and additional treatment needed for growing areas, the city proactively seeks out the best available technologies to ensure safe, clean water to the citizens of Brighton. 

“The project is critical to meeting the short and long-term goals of the city as well as maintaining our status of being good stewards of the environment through the conscientious treatment of water,” said Utilities Assistant Director Brad Dallam.

The  Reverse Osmosis denitrification project will ensure the city is in compliance with discharge limits set by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment by Sept. 20, 2022. The Reverse Osmosis plant is a critical component to Brighton’s drinking water supply. Reverse osmosis works by taking the water received by the South Platte River and removing contaminants and impurities by pressure forcing it through a semipermeable membrane. The water is then mixed with water from the Beebe Draw water treated at the Greensand Water Treatment Plant and distributed to water customers. The discharge of impurities from the reverse osmosis process, known as brine, is then sent back to the South Platte River and must be in compliance with effluent limits set by the state. 

The contract awarded for the water treatment plant expansion and denitrification design services is $663,532. The total Greensand Water Treatment Plant expansion is anticipated to cost approximately $42 million and be completed by 2023. 

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