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Bringing Communities Together Through Diversity in the Cultural Arts 


The mission of the Brighton Cultural Arts Commission (BCAC) is to increase and promote arts and culture awareness in our community. BCAC was created in 1996.  Members of the commission represent our community and have varied interests in the  performing and cultural arts. There are also representatives from the Brighton Youth Commission, City of Brighton and Brighton City Council. The Commission meets on a  monthly basis throughout the year. BCAC plays a vital role in the overall cultural, social  and economic development of a community. They strive to develop, support, promote  and coordinate the arts at the local level. 


The mission of the Public Art Committee (PAC) is to create a legacy within the  Brighton community for the appreciation of artistic expression. The Public Art  Committee is Brighton’s ambassador in creating an opportunity to experience diverse  forms of artwork. We strive to inspire a thought provoking adventure making a positive  impact in our community while celebrating culture and passion for the arts. The Public  Art Committee is a sub-committee of the BCAC. They work closely with the  Commission to provide art in public places and secure funding for art acquisition. 

Both of these community organizations collaborate to provide various services  including: sponsoring arts festivals, showcasing the work of local artists, hosting art  exhibits, sponsoring arts workshops in community settings, or facilitating professional  development services to existing arts organizations. 

For information on these  organizations call David Gallegos, Arts and Culture Coordinator at 303-655-2176 or dgallegos@brightonco.gov

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