Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment

The Brighton Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant is one of the largest municipal reverse osmosis water treatment facilities west of the Mississippi River.

Greensand Filter Plant

The Greensand Filter Plant treats water pumped from the Beebe Draw alluvium. The Greensand Plant is designed to remove manganese and then blend the treated water with the Reverse Osmosis treated water.

Plant Features

  • The plant personnel are responsible for the proper operation of the treatment plant in order to comply with all the Federal Safe Drinking Water Standards, state, and EPA regulations. Although our Finance Department actually bills you for the water and sewer service the city provides, the Water and Wastewater Divisions of the Utilities Department provides the service and maintenance.
  • The City of Brighton sends over 1 billion gallons of high quality drinking water per year to its customers. We want you to be aware of how quality is maintained and feel comfortable with and be knowledgeable of the water treatment process, as well as the care and effort that goes into providing the Brighton area with water that meets and exceeds the most stringent standards.
  • Water plant operators complete more than 800 water analysis per month to monitor the proper operation of the treatment plants in order to comply with all the federal safe drinking water standards, State and EPA.
  • With the new growth here in the city and additional treatment needed for out growing areas, we are continually proactively seek out the best available technologies to ensure safe, clean water to the citizens of Brighton.
  • Water plant maintenance staff are responsible for the proper maintenance of the Reverse Osmosis treatment process and Greensand Filter treatment process, 12 municipal wells, three pump stations, seven park wells, and two diversion structures.

 2022 Water Quality Report for the Calendar Year 2021

Our constant goal is to provide you with safe and dependable drinking water. Take a look at our 2021 Water Quality Report to learn more about the quality of Brighton's drinking water. 

View 2022 Drinking Water Quality Report.