Communicating with the City

Social Media and the City

More and more citizens are turning to social media to discuss news and neighborhood issues. Sometimes conversation threads develop on those social media sites regarding a safety or service concern, and City staff often receive calls from residents who ask us why we don't respond to those social media posts or fix the issues discussed in the posts. The simple answer is: We cannot respond to what we don't see.

As an "agency" on, the City is only able to view comments that are posted in response to a City generated post. We cannot see any conversations or posts on neighborhood Nextdoor sites.Your neighborhood conversation threads remain private to those in your area. Additionally, there are many private Brighton Facebook pages where residents share their thoughts, ideas and experiences about Brighton issues. The City cannot see those posts, and it would not be appropriate for City staff to interject in private conversations among citizens.

Communicate with Us

We are asking for your help in communicating safety/service impairments to us. If you see a conversation thread develop on a social media site regarding a quality of life, service or safety issue, such as water quality, pot holes, road construction, crime in your neighborhood, etc., PLEASE let us know, so that we can respond to and remedy those issues.

Ways to Connect:

  • SeeClickFix: You can submit a request for service or information 24/7 from the comfort of your home.
  •  Telephone: Call us 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday at 303-655-2000
  •  Email: For general questions, please email

Additionally, if you subscribe to you can message us directly by going to any City of Brighton Nextdoor post and clicking on the name of the person who sent the post.

Please keep in mind that your concerns/comments will be addressed during regular business hours, so if your concern is immediate and safety-related, call 9-1-1 or our Police non-emergency dispatch at 303-288-1535. Be part of the solution. Let us know if there is a problem, so we can fix it. We appreciate your eyes in places we may not or cannot be.

City of Brighton Social Media Accounts