Utility Engineering Division

The Utilities Engineering Division is responsible for managing Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) projects for Water, Wastewater, and Storm Drainage infrastructure in both the design and construction phases. This division also provides design review for development projects, inspections for both CIP and development construction, and GIS mapping for Water, Wastewater, and Storm Drainage infrastructure.

All water, sewer and storm infrastructure within the City limits and/or service area must follow the City of Brighton Standard & Specification Manual

Ongoing Construction Projects

The City currently utilizes four water storage tanks to store treated water from the water treatment plant prior to distribution to customers. These tanks provide storage, chlorine contact time, and pressure for the different zones of the City that they feed. Due to increased demand particularly in the area in closest proximity to the tank, the “High Zone”, the City needs an additional elevated water tank to supply an adequate volume of water to this area at adequate pressure into the future as demand continues to increase. The project began construction in June 2021 and is anticipated to be complete in June 2023. 

4303_Brighton Water Tank