Public Works Standards and Specifications

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The City of Brighton has approved a set of Standards and Specifications for all infrastructure and construction work in the City Limits of Brighton. All improvements, repairs and new developments are required to adhere to approved construction standards which have been approved by the City Council of the City of Brighton                                 

Section 100
Title, Scope and General Requirements (PDF)
Section 200
Acceptance Procedures (PDF)
Section 300
Site Work and Earthwork (PDF)
Section 400
Concrete Work (PDF)
Section 500
City Street Construction (PDF)
Section 600
Water Supply Facilities (PDF)
Section 700
Sanitary Sewer Facilities (PDF)
Section 800
Storm Drainage Facilities (PDF)
Section 900
Traffic Control Devices and Street Lighting (PDF)
Section 1000
Parks and Recreation Construction (PDF)
Street Details (PDF)
Utility Details (PDF)
General Notes (PDF)