Boards & Commissions

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission serves as both an advisory board to the city council on major planning and land use issues and also acts as the final decision maker on certain land use matters. For these purposes, it may engage in cooperative and joint planning programs with the city council; officers and departments of the city; other planning agencies, officials and representatives of other governmental units; and private agencies and organizations. View Planning Commission page. The Planning Commission meets on an as-needed basis every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Agendas are generally available the Monday prior to the meeting. If there is no agenda posted then there is no meeting scheduled.

Board of Adjustment

The function of the Board of Adjustment is to act as the final decision maker in certain land use matters, to interpret the terms and conditions of the Land Use and Development Code, hear appeals from any order, requirement, decision or determination made by a City official or employee charged with enforcement of the regulations of the Land Use and Development Code. View Board of Adjustment page and view Land Use and Development Code.

Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals consists of six members (five regular members and one alternate member) who reside in Brighton. Members are qualified by experience related to the construction industry and are trained to rule or review upon matters pertaining to building construction. Learn more by visiting Board of Appeals page.

The Board of Appeals meets as needed to determine the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction, acts on appeals for the city’s construction codes (building, mechanical, plumbing and electrical codes) and for Property Maintenance Codes. Brighton staff representatives are present to facilitate, including the chief building official and a permit technician acting as the board secretary.

Historic Preservation Page

The Historic Preservation Commission is responsible for preserving and protecting historic landmarks and cultural resources within the City of Brighton. For more information visit Historic Preservation Commission page.