The Brighton Police Department (BPD) is responsible for general public safety; prevention of crime; responding to and investigating crime; apprehension of those who commit crime; public order; traffic safety; criminal justice records; and safety education. The department is service oriented and serves the community by building partnerships to address crime and crime-related problems, which is commonly referred to as a community-oriented or community-based policing philosophy.

P1099325r2 (1)Police Administration - Police Chief Matt Domenico
The Brighton Police Administration consists of the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief, and three administrative assistants.

DC WestbrookDeputy Chief of Police - Betsy Westbrook
Deputy Chief oversees and supports all divisions within the Brighton Police Department, as well as assisting the Chief of Police.


Patrol Division - Commander Monce Portillo
The Patrol Division is responsible for the enforcement functions of the department. It is broken down into three primary sections, which are separated into specific work units. The three sections are: Watch I (Dayshift Patrol); Watch II and III (Afternoon and Evening Patrol); This division provides all the uniformed patrol officers who patrol the city and respond to calls for service.

P1099282r2Investigations Division - Commander Chad Wooten
The Investigations Division oversees detectives who investigate crimes and file felony charges with the District Attorney's Office. The Commerce City-Brighton SWAT team also falls under Commander Wooten.

P1099298r2Professional Standards and Training - Commander Justin Moore
The Professional Standards and Training Division is responsible for internal and external training, maintaining organizational integrity, and policy management. This division also oversees records, and property and evidence. The records section is responsible for the retention and release of police records. Property and evidence manages all of the evidence booked in by officers and detectives and provides crime scene processing technology and assistance.

Headshot of Mike DomenighiniCommunity Services Division - Commander Mike Domenighini
The Community Services Division provides non‑emergency services to the public. Community Service Officers are responsible for enforcing the Municipal Codes of the City of Brighton, including loose animals, animal-related violations, and violations that influence the quality of life for Brighton residents.

Youth Services Division - Commander Mike Domenighini
The Youth Services Division includes School Resource Officers involved in year-round services and programs to benefit and guide the youth in 27J Schools and the Brighton community.

P1088776r2Victim Services Division - Manager Kimberly Messina
The Brighton Office for Victim Assistance is staffed by highly-trained advocates who are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Victim advocates respond immediately to the scene of a crime, accident, or victim's home at the request of a police officer. Victim advocates not only support victims through the immediate trauma, but they also provide follow-up with referral information to further aid victims and their families through the healing process.

Delohery_2023_Web_SMALLPublic Information and Community Engagement - Kylynn McTague
The Brighton Police Department Public Information & Engagement Manager oversees all department communication and engagement initiatives, serves as the Public Information Officer, and acts as the liaison between the Police Department and the community. They develop programs, services and outreach events to maintain and enhance community relationships. They also produce and implement communications and information programs, which include news releases, weekly crime reports, social media, public awareness campaigns, crime prevention programs, and other promotional programs.