Stormwater Utility

The intent of this page is to provide information regarding the purpose of storm drainage fees in the City of Brighton. For information regarding payment of the storm drainage fee found on your monthly utility bill, please visit out Utility Customer Service page.

Stormwater Utility Fee Rates

Service Period Single-Family Residential Multi-Family Residential, Non-Residential, 
Commercial, Mixed Use, Schools, and Other
January 2022- 
December 2022

$1.83 per EQR*
January 2023- 
December 2023
$5.50 $3.67 per EQR*
January 2024 
and later
$5.50 $5.50 per EQR*

*EQR means equivalent residential unit. One EQR equals 3,164 square feet of impervious area. 

Storm Drainage Maintenance Fee Credit Program 

Non single-family residential utility customers have the ability to apply for the Strom Drainage Maintenance Fee Credit Program which provides a reduction in the monthly storm drainage maintenance fee up to 65%. To be eligible for the program, the utility customer must provide a regional stormwater benefit to the customer at large. For more information regarding this program, please see the rules/regulations and application form

City of Brighton vs South Beebe Draw Metropolitan District Storm Drainage Fee

   City of Brighton Fee South Beebe Draw Metropolitan District Fee
Who pays? All owners of residential, commercial,
industrial and institutional properties
within City limits
All owners of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional properties located within the District's boundaries (areas east of Tower Road). 
How often? Monthly Annually
Why? The revenue from the monthly City of Brighton Storm Drainage Fee is used for operation, maintenance, replacement, repairs and improvements of the public storm drain system. This includes pipelines that convey rainfall away from your property, as well as inlet boxes and outfalls into regional ponds, creeks and rivers.
A portion of the storm drainage fee is being utilized to staff and fund the City of Brighton’s Stormwater Program. The City, not the District, is the entity being held responsible for stormwater quality permit requirements by the State of Colorado through the issuance of a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit. This permit requires implementation of a Stormwater Program to coordinate city-wide implementation and enforcement of the following six minimum control measures: Public Education and Outreach, Public Participation, Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination, Construction Site Control, Post Construction Control, and Good Housekeeping for Municipal Facilities.
The South Beebe Draw Metropolitan District was created to provide financing, construction, and maintenance of only certain public infrastructure within a defined boundary. Storm drainage improvements such as inlets, regional detention ponds and pipelines within the District’s boundaries are to be regularly maintained and when necessary replaced through the assessment of the District storm drainage fee. 

* Just because a structure or facility is located within District boundaries, does not necessarily mean the District is responsible for maintenance. Some structures and facilities are subject to special agreements.
Who can be contacted for further questions? Stormwater Division at (303)-655-2147 District's Billing Services Office at (303)-265-7949
  1. Rachel Mertens

    Stormwater and Environmental Program Coordinator