Construction Stormwater Management

Developers & Builders Operating in Brighton

Per municipal code; all developers and builders are required to obtain an Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Permit for all land disturbance activities equal to or greater than one acre, or for land disturbance activities less than one acre that are part of a larger common development. An ESC Modification Form is necessary if additional land is added to the original ESC Permit. Modifications to the existing permit include changes to the boundary map, changes to the responsible party on the site, and/or changes in the estimated BMPs.

ESC Permit

The intent of the ESC permit is to ensure that developers and builders are in compliance with state and federal stormwater regulations for construction activities. The city's goal is to provide compliance assistance to builders and developers and aid in preventing the potential for state and EPA enforcement and fines due to violations of stormwater regulations governing construction site operators.

Failure to obtain an ESC permit for applicable projects will result in delays in the issuance of grading, right of way, temporary use, and/or building permits. Developers and builders should therefore plan ahead when preparing to apply for construction permits that may require an associated ESC permit. Please refer to the documents below for information on the ESC permit application requirements.

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