Illicit Discharges

The City of Brighton Municipal Code prohibits the discharge, disposal, pouring, or dumping of any pollutant into the storm drainage system. Only rain water runoff is generally allowed in the storm drain. Some discharges are specifically allowed, such as lawn watering and residential vehicle washing. For a detailed list of exemptions please refer to the Municipal Code.

Chemical spills that may enter the drainage system must be immediately contained. “Dry” clean-up methods such as sweeping or absorbent materials should be used. Those responsible for the property where a spill or illicit discharge has occurred must notify the Stormwater and Environmental Division via the Stormwater Hotline at 303-655-2120 or by email within 24 hours of the event. Other notifications may also be required (Federal, State, County, Local Health Department, etc).

Municipal Code also prohibits pipes or ditches that can carry sanitary waste to storm drains or directly into streams. Discharges from these connections are illegal and must be removed as soon as possible.

Residential and commercial property owners must ensure that leaves, material waste and dirt do not enter storm drains, street gutters or ditches. Please do your part to keep our streams and ponds clean.

Help Your City by Reporting Improper Discharges to Our Stormwater Hotline

If you know of any improper discharges such as:

  • Dumping used motor oil/chemicals down storm drains
  • Improper connections into ditches or ponds
  • Cooking oil or grease leaking from commercial dumpsters
  • Trash, debris, leaves or yard wastes along waterways
  • Sanitary sewer overflows discharging into the storm sewer

Contact the City of Brighton Stormwater Hotline at (303) 655-2120 or send an email. Report emergencies to 911 immediately.

Ayude a la Ciudad, reporte descargas ilícitas en el sistema de desagüe pluvial y bocas de tormenta:

(303) 655-2120 - Email Stormwater

Reporte Descargas Ilícitas:

  • Derrames de aceite de motor o químicos en el drenaje pluvial
  • Conexiones ilegales en arroyos o lagunas
  • Aceite de cocina o grasa que gotea de botes de basura en comercios
  • Basura, hojas y desperdicios de jardín en ríos y bocas de tormenta
  • Agua sanitaria en el sistema de recolección de aguas de tormentas

Reporte emergencias al # 911

Leaf Debris




Motor Oil


Boring Fluid



Grease overflow